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host▓s here." He said he wanted to listen to mo▓re complaints and su▓ggestions instead of compliments. Qin Yinglin, a pig-raiser in central Hen▓an Province suggested more efforts should be ▓made to ensure compulsory immuniz▓ation and promote better variet▓ies. The Henan Agricultural University graduate raise▓d more than 100,000 b

reeding pigs annu▓ally and more than ▓500,000 lean meat pigs. Sixtee▓n years ag▓o, he only raised 22 pigs. He had been dubbed by the premier "college graduate 'hogman'". Qin attributed his success to the s▓ound supportive policies. "This year I ha▓ve got more ▓than 4 million yuan (588,000 U.S. dollars)

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